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Analytics as a Service & Tools

We are continuously adding and developing analytics tools and AI platforms for our clients to optimize their digital strategies.  

Use our expertise and methodology to accelerate your analytics and data science outcomes for your company. 

AI Cognitive Automation Tools

In partnership with, CAVU enables artificial intelligence (AI) to automate your enterprise process through:

  1. Signal detection in unstructured data enabling you to extract important facts.
  2. Analyze naturally phased questions to help you unleash the power of answers from unstructured data.  
  3. Dialog Management to create conversational interactions and help you access information.
  4. Persona Modeling across individual users from profile information and user actions.
  5. Recommendations engine that delivers personalized content and products.

Statistical Optimizer Tools

Improve your companies market conditions and decisions using our Statistical Optimizer to analyze your data and algorithm parameters across your business.

Live Data Interfaces

Our interfaces take corporate and external data sets to be viewed and actionable answers in real-time.  We've built solutions from financial services trading platforms to aerospace data interfaces.  Wall Street to Moonshots, we can build custom interfaces specific to your business needs or you can utilize our existing assets.

Data Simulation Tools

Increase your accuracy with cross referencing your data with 3rd party data by using CAVU's data simulation tools; which are crucial for development and de-bugging of data and new programs.  CAVU is able to recreate most market conditions to test and match data and software programs against live runs.  Improving your time to market and accuracy of result is our goal.

Data Analysis Tools

Post processing tools, plotting and full statistical analysis programs give you confidence in your answers.  CAVU's consumption based tools allows you to access the Power of Answers from your data with visual and mathematical correlation. 

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CAVU built a customized algorithm set, with API integration for a private hedgefund.  The result was an automated intra-day trading system that operated in a "single click".  Auto-parameter selections were designed to optimize performance and accuracy.