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Marketing & Sales Services

Build customers and value by rethinking go-to-market strategies.

The gap is widening between best-in-class companies and average performers.  Improving marketing and sales capabilities is the key to driving growth.  Harnessing the Power of Answers is key with your data.  We help you understand your customer end to end. Prescriptive analytics marketing helps our clients increase customer spend, access new markets, aid in retention and satisfaction. 

Sentiment Analysis

For customer insights and market gap analysis.  We work with structured, unstructured and statistical sets of information to provide actionable sentiment based insights.

Polarity Solutions

Enables companies to combine their data with 3rd party data, allowing them to better align messaging with customer engagement.

Natural Language & Visual Processing

CAVU enables answers from language, visual (live, video or static) data.  All media content can be ingested and analyzed for insights and answers.  Whether from static feeds on premises, to digital language and visual information, we provide the validation and offer new market insight.

eCommerce Platforms

We work with clients to create dynamic strategies and rapidly implement ecommerce solutions. We recognize our clients’ business and technology environments will play a significant role in how the solution is designed, developed, and implemented. In the end, our goal is to maximize the value of an ecommerce investment.

GTM People Analysis

source: Data and analytics program prime - gartner 

source: Data and analytics program prime - gartner 

CAVU's team will assess skills mapping and advise on training and or talent acquisition methods for your go-to-market approach.  

Channel & Business Development

Knowing what OEM's to partner with for your future, what technologies to assess, who can deliver is key.  Our management consultants help you align your pricing/costing analysis with the right partners.