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Custom Algorithms

CAVU's team will build you custom algorithms for your toughest business problems.  Our Master and Doctorate level mathematicians work with our development team to tackle complex business problems.  

Your data, Your Intellectual Property, our expertise. 

Below is an example of categories to successfully build algorithms:


Unprecedented Volumes of Data

Data volumes are growing by orders of magnitude driven by billions of sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring the physical world and the virtual sensors that record the digital world (e.g., electronic traffic on search, social media, email and e-commerce transactions). This feeds algorithms with the situational and contextual awareness of both the physical and digital environment.

Increasingly Powerful Hardware

This includes GPUs and memory chips, as well as cloud "plexes" and data centers (such as those developed by Google, Amazon and Facebook, which incorporate hundreds of thousands of "servers" that can perform a variety of functions under software control). These developments provide orders of magnitude more processing power than was available even five years ago. These capabilities are further enhanced by comparable increases in connectivity and network performance to fuel even greater performance and capabilities.

New Analytics Tools

The last few years have seen rapid advances in analytics capabilities and the introduction of new technologies and tools such as deep neural networks, machine "learning," natural language, image and contextual processing, and so on.