We'll Pay Your Student Debt

We love education at CAVU, as it challenges us to find the Power of Answers for our world.  However it also costs a lot.  Most of us are burdened by post-secondary or technical training costs for years to come.  At CAVU, we want to help you!  

Our Student Debt Payoff Program is simple.  If you work in our consulting services business, we will pay up-to $10,000 towards qualifying loans each year. The formula is simple: in addition to your regular compensation, each year when you reach 1,000 approved hours of billable work with our clients, we'll pay up-to $10,000 towards your student debt.  

At CAVU, we take our name seriously. Ceiling and Visibility to your future is always Unlimited with us. Now let's go find some Answers.

  1. *Terms and Conditions are subject to change per the discretion of CAVU Global.  All debts require approval and qualification.
  2. **Typical qualifying debts include graduate degrees, bachleors and some industry and or trade-school programs.