CAVU was founded in 2016, when after the successful development of an algorithm designed to capitalize on market inefficiencies left the team wondering: how do we monetize this and what should we build next? Knowing the limitless possibilities in the world of algorithms, the founders set out to build an algorithm marketplace coupled with the world's leading data scientists and business strategists. The result of this effort is CAVU Global; designed to give organizations the answers they need to accelerate business decisions and create a competitive advantage in the market.



Following the basic principles of the scientific model but adapting it for data science-our approach is simple. We start with the hypothesis you need to prove (or disprove) and the business outcome you want to achieve. Once we have ingested the necessary data sources, using a combination of analytics, open source or custom algorithms to give you the answers and insights you need to take action. Successful clients closely monitor new data to start the cycle over again.

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We help companies across all sectors transform their data into powerful answers. Working closely with our clients we can help achieve sustained productivity gains of 20-40 percent, along with a greatly improved customer experience. 

We have found that the fastest and most significant improvements occur when lean programs are supported with the right algorithms, technology and resources. CAVU combines extensive experience in lean methodologies with substantial expertise in IT and consistently bring the best of both to our clients. We have a portfolio of IT tools, many proprietary, which we use to conduct rapid assessments of the potential for improvement. We also help clients test new tools and process improvements in the field with static, real-time, onsite or cloud data.  

We deliver high-impact solutions, either with the help of our own custom applications development team, or in joint relationships with best-of-breed vendors. Our commitment to testing and refining solutions before full roll-out gives you high-quality solutions in a much shorter time-frame than traditional approaches allow.  

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